Sunday, 3 February 2013

Album Review - Die Young by Wounds

Wounds are an upcoming British hardcore outfit. Starting their career's with a bang due to their newly released debut album, Die Young, they are set to make an impact on the refreshed hardcore scene in Britain.

Die Young by Wounds -

A lot of hardcore bands can sound a bit too generic nowadays, it's the same for any scene and genre. But for such a new and young band, Wounds have created a sound that is both unique and contains the essentials for enjoying great hardcore. Long awaited since their Dead Dead Fucking Dead - EP in 2010, Die Young is finally here and it's something else! Pictured on the album art is Wounds' guitarist James showing off the scar on his torso as a result from a balcony fall a few years back. But despite having a loved one 'wounded' it has gone to no effect on their performance here. Pissed off and full of energy all Hell is loose and in your face as the first track says it all with the agenda of a Killing Spree going to take place. Vocals are much like old-school hardcore bands until it becomes guttural where the screams surge right through you. Catchy riffs are Wounds' main arsenal, reminiscing mostly of modern hardcore heroes Gallows. Every song has it's burst of anger and pain, but stand out tracks such as Dead Dead Fucking Dead, No Future and Dead Road carry huge anthemic choruses which will stick in your head for days. Desperate Times and Binge shows off their touch with hardcore pioneers Black Flag, lyrically as well as instrumentally. And yet, although seemingly sticking to the usual hardcore ethics and themes, Wounds still manage to play around - usually through percussion and some unusual vocals - highlighting their difference and hopefully that will cause them to stand out amongst the rest.   8/10

Check Out: Dead Dead Fucking Dead


  1. Wounds are an Irish band (from Dublin), not a British one. Although through their label/touring, etc., they're pretty integrated into the British scene so I can't nitpick too much.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, haven't been on in a while! Yeah, I get that. I just used British because of the scene. But thanks for noticing and getting back to me on that!